Type of videos we make

Explainer Videos

A 2D animated explainer video is a visually engaging and informative animation crafted to explain business, company, products or services.

Whiteboard Videos

Hand drawn whiteboard is a style of explainer video that uses illustrations and hand-drawn animations to convey complex ideas, products or services in a clear and concise manner.

Product Videos

These videos are a strategic marketing tool used to promote and showcase products or services to potential customers. Best for social media & e-commerce.

3D Videos

3D video technology provides an immersive viewing experience that brings images to life. This technology uses stereoscopic techniques to create the illusion of depth, allowing for a more realistic display of images.

Social Media Videos

Social media marketing vertical videos have become increasingly popular now. One of the primary drivers is the shift towards mobile-first content consumption, with more users accessing social media platforms via their smartphones.

Training Videos

Training video animation refers to the process of creating animated videos as part of a training program. These videos can be used to teach employees, students, or individuals about a wide range of topics and skills in and engaging style.

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Since 2013 we made many videos, a quick presentation of the kind of work we did so far!

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